The High Scope Curriculum not only helps young children excel in language and cognitive learning, it also promotes independence, curiosity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving.

Future Generation’s dedicated educational team assists children enrolled in the Preschool / Pre-Kindergarten Education Program in participating in the plan-do-review process each day as part of their daily routine at our learning center’s in Colts Neck and Bloomfield.

This process strengthens initiative and self-reliance within the child. Our staff focuses on adult-child interaction and ensures that the children in their class are supported in a carefully designed and well equipped learning environment.

Our Preschool/ Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are divided into interest areas stocked with a stimulating range of materials designed for specific types of play. Materials are arranged in consistent places and the shelves are tagged with child-friendly labels so that children can get out and put away materials themselves. The classroom’s design and organization also helps children understand how the world is organized. Concepts like more, less, same, different, large, small, in, out and in front of are explained.

The daily routine serves as the consistent framework for each day at Future Generation. It provides a balanced variety of experiences and learning opportunities. Children engage in both individual and social play, participate in small- and large-group activities, assist with cleanup, socialize during meals, develop self-care skills, and exercise their small and large muscles. The most important segment of the daily routine is the plan-do-review sequence, in which children make choices about what they will do, carry out their ideas, and reflect upon their activities with adults and other children.

While the children’s experiences in the High Scope Curriculum’s content areas prepare them for their continuing education, it also takes the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects.

Each day the children of Future Generation explore the following content areas:

  • Approaches to learning
  • Social and emotional development
  • Physical development and health
  • Language, literacy, and communication
  • Mathematics
  • Creative arts
  • Science and technology
  • Social studies

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