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    Employee Testimonials

    “Working for Future Generation has not only been an immense learning experience but the first place that I have worked that I feel is truly my second home! We care about more than just the children, we care for the entire family! Each day when I walk into work, I can ensure that my children will have hands-on experiences with a variety of materials. This is because the administration of Future Generation ensures that I have all the materials that I need to complete my lesson plan. My co-workers and the administration work together to maintain a loving, caring, respectful and clean environment. I am fully supported so that I can develop and flourish as an early learning professional. Future Generation is more than just a company – we are a family!”
    Pre-K Teacher – Length of Employment, 3 years

    “I have had the pleasure of working for Future Generation for the past 25 years. Within this timeframe I have earned several certifications and degrees. Future Generation continuously provides me with professional development so I can learn and grow as an early childhood professional, providing the children in my classroom with the very best hands-on educational experiences. Future Generation administration is very helpful and supportive. Their vast knowledge of the early childhood field allows them to advise me as I continue my professional development. Each day, they go above and beyond. Future Generation is my home!”
    Preschool Teacher – Length of Employment, 25 years.

    “Future Generation is a great place to work. In the short time I have been employed here, I see that the staff is a very caring and supportive team. The children always come first and are shown love compassion and care in a safe and clean environment.”
    Floating Teacher Assistant – Length of Employment, 2 months

    “I’m so happy in my role at Future Generation! Teaching in such a close-knit school has been a special experience for me. I enjoy my day-to-day responsibilities and I feel that my work is very rewarding. My director is incredibly supportive and works hard to make our school a great place. I feel that I can be my best self at Future Generation.”
    Teacher – Length of Employment, 2 years

    “For anyone who loves children this is the perfect job. Not only are the children great, but the staff treats you like family and everyone has each other’s back. The hours are flexible, and the director is always extremely understanding and caring. You are encouraged to bring new ideas to the workplace and there seems to always be something exciting to look forward to. Definitely the best job I’ve had.”
    Teacher Assistant – Length of Employment, 1 year

    “I love how the school is small and cozy. The families are so nice and supportive. The children are great, and coworkers are kind and helpful. I’m able to work a schedule that works for me and my college classes.”
    Teacher – Length of Employment, 1 Year